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East Sussex is just one step away from the abolition of its NHS

I appreciate that all the changes being made to the structure of our NHS have been coming at us in quick succession.  They have also been obfuscated by the most inappropriate language which often gives labels for new systems that mean exactly the opposite of what they represent.  You may feel like giving up on trying to understand it all and trying to keep track of what is happenning, I know I do at times.  But we all need to recognise that already lives are being lost despite the brilliant efforts of our amazing NHS workforce.   Despite all the troubles that beset our NHS it is still doing a remarkable job.  It is however just one step away from being lost, a scenario that could only result in far more lives being lost and harmed.  We owe it to ourselves to keep up the fight.
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Sustainability and Transformation Plans

How the review of stroke services in Kent will cause a domino effect on E Sussex

Campaigners  in Kent have been battling against proposals to reduce the number of Hyper-Acute Stroke Units in the area, creating fewer units which will supposedly be centres of excellence.  The argument has been that survival rates are greater when a patient is brought to a hospital with a specialist unit.  This policy has already been carried out in London, but Kent is hardly a large urban area.  Much of the argument has focussed on the critical call to hospital time (the time it takes from when an ambulance is called to the patient arriving at  hospital).  With a largely rural area such as Kent campaigners have been arguing that merging units to create specialist centres will place some people at risk of being unable to get to hospital quickly enough.  The final decisions have been made on where these specialist units will be based and so now we can see the effect this wil have on patients in East Sussex. Continue reading “How the review of stroke services in Kent will cause a domino effect on E Sussex”

Sustainability and Transformation Plans

East Sussex Better Together – breaking bad news gently

Within the Sussex and East Surrey region which comes under the Footprint 33 STP Board there is a large population, covering a wide geographical area with many health inequalities.  For this reason the STP has been divided into three place-based plans.  East Sussex Better Together (ESBT)  is the place-based plan that will affect us. Continue reading “East Sussex Better Together – breaking bad news gently”

East Sussex Healthcare Trust

Updating on the position of East Sussex Healthcare Trust

East Sussex Healthcare Trust (ESHT) has been for sometime in special measures for both quality and finances. A recent inspection of the Trust by the CQC has revealed that improvements in quality have been made.  Improvements that Trust CEO, Dr Adrian Bull, seemed very eager to talk about at a recent meeting of the County Council’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee.  But the future looks far from rosy for East Sussex healthcare. With the demand for cost savings coming from East Sussex Better Together and the impact of Social Care cuts, being made by East Sussex County Council (ESCC), it would be negligent to not feel concerned. Continue reading “Updating on the position of East Sussex Healthcare Trust”

Fact sheet for NHS Campaigners

Fact sheet for NHS campaigners

I have been asked to put together a fact sheet which outlines why we have a crisis in the NHS today.  This is what a few people have said to me they would like so they can feel they are able to get out there on the streets to campaign.  I couldn’t agree more that it is essential to know what you are talking about when you campaign on any issue.  But from my own experience of NHS campaigning I have become aware that so many people are confused by why we now have a crisis in the NHS.

The task of putting together a fact sheet is one I have not found easy.  So much has happened since 2010 to damage our NHS and more is still being planned.  It could be a full time job to just try and keep up with the changes.  Keeping up being made much harder by our Government’s attempts to conceal what they are doing and lie to us.  It feels like much of our media is aiding and abetting with these attempts.

But all that said, there are numerous books, websites, the Health Campaigns Together newspaper, local campaign groups and YouTube videoes available for those who want to really know as much as possible.

I am sure I am not alone in thinking that there is something morally offensive about anyone reaping profits from another’s illness.  The right to healthcare is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  We need to fight for that right because our lives do depend on it.

It is the NHS’s 70th birthday on the 5th July there is a big protest/ celebration of the NHS in London on Saturday.  Make sure you get to it if you can and hopefully the NHS will live to see more birthdays.

Fact sheet for NHS Campaigners

Sustainability and Transformation Plans

The NHS services that East Sussex is going to see reduced

If you ever doubted that our NHS was being destroyed we can now see clear evidence of this as our CCGs start to debate and vote on increasing thresholds for NHS treatments.  We have also seen examples of proposals to ration services by cutting the numbers eligible for NHS treatment by excluding people who for example are obese or smokers.  I have already mentioned in this blog about how individuals from outside the EU are expected to pay upfront for NHS care if they become sick.  That is another example of healthcare rationing. East Sussex Healthcare Trust already has an annual deficit of around £49m.  Our Government has charged STP boards with making changes to absorb deficits.  Cuts are inevitable and it is hard to believe that the changes I am going to mention in this post will achieve the elimination of that deficit.  This is just the start of things to come …

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Government destruction of our NHS

A NHS that is free at the point of need may soon be a thing of the past

Never before has our NHS been so close to its end as it is now.  We have seen services steadily rationed by NHS bosses dictating a higher threshold for who can be treated or reducing those who are eligible for treatment.  We have seen the introduction of a new policy where overseas residents from outside the EU are expected to pay up front for NHS treatement. Continue reading “A NHS that is free at the point of need may soon be a thing of the past”

East Sussex Healthcare Trust

East Sussex Healthcare Trust and how it is changing

East Sussex Healthcare Trust (ESHT)  provides hospital and some community care to 525,000 people across East Sussex.  It is right for us to know what is happening to the organisations that are there to protect us and our families at times of illness or injury. There are many figures given on their website which chart the changes within the trust although it is a complex discussion.  The services our trust provides have changed over the years,  our population’s needs have changed, the size of our population has changed and investment has been made in terms of new wards and new equipment. But the stark reality is that in 2011/12 ESHT returned a surplus of £87,000 and by 2015/16 they ended the year with a deficit of £48m. Continue reading “East Sussex Healthcare Trust and how it is changing”


Following on from a successful launch event

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The launch of East Sussex Save the NHS Campaign felt like a success.  We had some excellent speeches from Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP;  Dr Carl Walker;  Madeleine Dickens and Dr Mona Kamal.  The enthusiasm of those who attended was evident by the debate that followed in the Q&A session.  Videos from the event were live-streamed to the Facebook group (East Sussex Save the NHS Campaign Forum).   There is so much this campaign can do to fight the destruction of our NHS and protect local services.  But as there is so much to do, we need to get as many people as possible involved.  I am adding a poll to this post to try and get an idea of how many people would be keen to start campaigning and what they feel they could offer.  Please share this post on social networks and with as many of your contacts as possible. Continue reading “Following on from a successful launch event”


Bringing the people of East Sussex together to fight for NHS services

A few facts from the Health Campaigns Together publication in January 2018 reveal a shocking state of affairs in our NHS. 

16,900 people were left waiting in ambulances outside A&E units between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve – 15% increase in A&E attendances since 2010 – 350% increase in waits in A&E – 550% increase in waits for admission – 170,100 total days delayed transfer of care in English hospitals,equivalent to 5,487 hospital beds – bed occupancy rates remain dangerously high averaging 93.5% – During Christmas week 5,000 people waited more than one hour for paramedics to hand them over to A&E staff – since 2010 we have seen 14,000 beds lost from hospitals, reductions in district nursing and walk-in centres closed – mental health inpatient beds cut by 20% – child and adolescent mental health services at crisis point – an additional 10,000 extra deaths were recorded over what we would normally expect in our hospitals in the first few weeks of 2018 – the UK spends less per capita on healthcare than Ireland, Finland, Iceland, New Zealnad, France, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, USA, Norway and Switzerland.

I  do not believe this is acceptable in the sixth richest nation in the world.  If you agree with me please come to the launch meeting of this campaign on the 9th April.

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