Disability rights, health and stomas

I had a very positive meeting with Councillor Colin Fitzgerald this weekend to discuss the provision of appropriate toilet facilities in Hastings for people who live with a stoma.   One of his first remarks to me was that he had never thought about the issue before I brought it up.  Neither had I, until I began to witness the enormous struggles experienced by a friend of my family who has an ileostomy.  These struggles are often simply because of the lack of appropriate toilet facilities in public places.  This is my point, most of us will be aware that many people live with a stoma, either because of an ileostomy or a colostomy.  But, it is unlikely that many of us will have thought about the practicalities of this.  In our society we don’t generally go around talking about our own toilet habits.  So the people with stomas are often suffering in silence. Continue reading “Disability rights, health and stomas”