East Sussex Healthcare Trust gives out pens to keep us sweet

A group of us went along to a public forum event put on by East Sussex Healthcare Trust (ESHT) last week which was nothing more than a PR exercise which left everyone uninformed.  They said that they wanted to hear our views but they clearly weren’t impressed when we spoke.  More worryingly when I spoke about my concerns regarding patient records being given to companies like 02 and Virgin I was villified by the rest of the audience. It shoked me how little others at the event knew about what is happening to our NHS.  But it shocked me even more to realise how much they appeared to not want to know.  Some seemed angry that I had even dared to suggest that patient data is just being given out to private corporations.  The room erupted with shouts of fake news by the time I had finished speaking. Continue reading “East Sussex Healthcare Trust gives out pens to keep us sweet”

Updating on the position of East Sussex Healthcare Trust

East Sussex Healthcare Trust (ESHT) has been for sometime in special measures for both quality and finances. A recent inspection of the Trust by the CQC has revealed that improvements in quality have been made.  Improvements that Trust CEO, Dr Adrian Bull, seemed very eager to talk about at a recent meeting of the County Council’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee.  But the future looks far from rosy for East Sussex healthcare. With the demand for cost savings coming from East Sussex Better Together and the impact of Social Care cuts, being made by East Sussex County Council (ESCC), it would be negligent to not feel concerned. Continue reading “Updating on the position of East Sussex Healthcare Trust”

East Sussex Healthcare Trust and how it is changing

East Sussex Healthcare Trust (ESHT)  provides hospital and some community care to 525,000 people across East Sussex.  It is right for us to know what is happening to the organisations that are there to protect us and our families at times of illness or injury. There are many figures given on their website which chart the changes within the trust although it is a complex discussion.  The services our trust provides have changed over the years,  our population’s needs have changed, the size of our population has changed and investment has been made in terms of new wards and new equipment. But the stark reality is that in 2011/12 ESHT returned a surplus of £87,000 and by 2015/16 they ended the year with a deficit of £48m. Continue reading “East Sussex Healthcare Trust and how it is changing”