Fact sheet for NHS campaigners

I have been asked to put together a fact sheet which outlines why we have a crisis in the NHS today.  This is what a few people have said to me they would like so they can feel they are able to get out there on the streets to campaign.  I couldn’t agree more that it is essential to know what you are talking about when you campaign on any issue.  But from my own experience of NHS campaigning I have become aware that so many people are confused by why we now have a crisis in the NHS.

The task of putting together a fact sheet is one I have not found easy.  So much has happened since 2010 to damage our NHS and more is still being planned.  It could be a full time job to just try and keep up with the changes.  Keeping up being made much harder by our Government’s attempts to conceal what they are doing and lie to us.  It feels like much of our media is aiding and abetting with these attempts.

But all that said, there are numerous books, websites, the Health Campaigns Together newspaper, local campaign groups and YouTube videoes available for those who want to really know as much as possible.

I am sure I am not alone in thinking that there is something morally offensive about anyone reaping profits from another’s illness.  The right to healthcare is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  We need to fight for that right because our lives do depend on it.

It is the NHS’s 70th birthday on the 5th July there is a big protest/ celebration of the NHS in London on Saturday.  Make sure you get to it if you can and hopefully the NHS will live to see more birthdays.

Fact sheet for NHS Campaigners