We will be cancelling all future events, including meetings, until further notice due to the Covid-19 outbreak

The first of our film events – another chance to see The Great NHS Heist

Bob Gill is a working GP, passionate NHS campaigner and a film producer.  He has produced this superb documentary film which explains how the NHS, that we own, is piece by piece being taken away from our ownership and into private hands.  His film shows how this theft has been happening for many years and is often taking place without the general public even realising it.  He also documents how this transfer of our healthcare system to private hands is destroying the standard of care that we receive.

This event will be free, and open to anyone who cares about our NHS but please do book your tickets on Eventbrite if you would like to attend.  The film will start at 6.30pm so please arrive in plenty of time so we can make a prompt start.  St Elisabeth’s Church is at 268 Victoria Drive, Eastbourne BN20 8QX and has full disabled access.

Film/ Speaker Events at St Elisabeth’s Church

St Elisabeth’s Church in Victoria Drive has been booked by this campaign for events held every two months on the last Friday of the month.   These events will all be either a film screening or a speaker event and we hope very much that this will help raise awareness amongst our population of why we are all experiencing so many problems within the NHS.

These events will be held on the following dates this year from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

  • 28th Feb
  • 24th April
  • 24th June
  • 28th August
  • 30th October

St Elisabeth’s Church is at 268 Victoria Drive, Eastbourne BN20 8QX and has full disabled access.

Protest against the closure of the Walk-In Centre at Eastbourne station

The Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford CCG has opened a formal public consultation into the closure of the Walk-In Centre at Eastbourne station.

Already we have met up on four occasions this year and had groups of us outside the station collecting signatures on the petition against the closure.  But we have now organised a protest which will take place at 1pm on Sat 29th February.  We are hoping many other groups and indivduals will support this campaign and join us at this protest.

You clearly want to keep our walk-in centre. When we have been out collecting signatures on the petition 80-90% of the people we approach are more than happy to sign.  Yet our CCG seems determined to go ahead with this plan.

Many of the people I have spoken to will ask me why this move is even being suggested.  The CCG has given three reasons why they feel the Walk-In Centre is no longer needed.  These are that:

  • We now have evening and weekend appointments available at some GP surgeries in the town
  • We can access the 111 service at any time of the day or night seven days a week
  • There is now an Urgent Treatment Centre at the hospital

They say that they reached this decision after extensive research into how and when the walk-in centre is used.  But the fact remains that if you went to the walk-in centre and asked to see a doctor you may well be told there is a four hour wait.  So it would seem that the public are still needing that centre.

You may remember that we were running surveys of public opinion both online and on paper.  Some of the findings we saw when analysing your responses go against the claims our CCG is making.  These are that:-

Less than 20% of the people who responded to our surveys said they no longer have difficulty getting a GP appointment when they need it.

Over 95% of you feel that the 111 service could not replace the Walk-In Centre and only 14% of people said they would rate the standard of care the 111 service offers as good.

Nearly 90% of you feel the Urgent Treatment Centre at the hospital would not make  a good replacement for the Walk-In Centre.

Many of you have given us moving accounts of times when the Walk-In Centre has saved your life and there seems to be an endless list of reasons why it should exist.  The central location of the centre has been of huge significance many times.

So hear is what you can do if you want to help save this service:-

  • Keep signing our online petition and sharing it with friends and family
  • Become involved with our campaign and help collect signatures in the town centre
  • If you belong to a local organisation ask them if they will give their backing to this campaign. It will add weight to our argument if we can show many local organisations are backing us.  If you can get a link to our online petition on your website that too would help.  Please get in touch by emailing us on
  • Come along to the protest on the 29th February at 1pm outside the station.
  • Please do engage with the CCG’s public consultation.  They have this dedicated webpage where you can read their consultation document and get a link to their online survey. Or, you can contact them on 01273 403687 or email  There are also printed booklets you can complete available in the walk-in centre.

Snap election 2019

It is vitally important that for the 2019 snap election we get a message to voters that this election is not all about Brexit.

Health Campaigns Together has supplied us with 4000 of an election special edition of their newspaper.  This paper is a fantastic resource for Labour Party campaigners which sends a clear message saying We can’t trust the Tories with the NHS.   We have already delivered some around Eastbourne, 500 have gone to Wealden Labour and 500 have gone to Bexhill and Battle Labour.  If you feel you could help distribute some of these papers then please contact us, if you give us your address we can deliver papers to you.

Email :



We are delighted to have the opportunity to be showing this shocking expose of how our Government has been secretly preparing our NHS for a corporate takeover next Tuesday in Eastbourne.   Produced by Dr Bob Gill a GP in South-East London this film is a must see for anyone who wants to vote #NHS.

Away from any media scrutiny our NHS has been completely restructured since the 2012 Health and Social Care Act was made law.  Our healthcare service that was rated the best in the world in 2010 has been undergoing a structural transformation to become more and more like the US system over the last seven years. 

Dr Bob Gill has exposed how this transformation has been taking place without many of us realising it.  The underfunding has played an important role in allowing this transformation to happen.  As services are defunded we have all become aware of issues such as increasing waiting lists, hospital departments closing, problems accessing a GP and many more.  The aim of the Government has been to deliberately create failures in the service so we all fall out of love with the NHS and not put up any resistance when they announce that corporations are taking over.

You may be thinking that all that sounds like some crazy conspiracy theory and a bit far-fetched.  But you can go and look at the Ridley Report written in 1977 for Maggie Thatcher which details how public services can be privatised.  In the report it clearly states how underfunding and creating system failures can be used to reduce public opposition to privatisation.  Or, you can just remember how Maggie got away with privatising British Rail.

Privatisation in Britain of public services has rarely benefitted anyone other than the wealthy corporations  – there is no reason to believe the privatisation of the NHS would be any different.  It is abhorrent to think that our Government has been willing to allow people to be harmed by failures in our NHS simply to achieve their goals of privatising the service with little opporsition from the publlic.

Our NHS is on the brink of being captured by the American Health Insurance Corporations.  Next Thursday, however we go to the polls and we can vote for our NHS and get a Government in place who will place people before profit.

Make sure you know how to vote for your NHS by coming along to see this remarkable film.  Please register on Eventbrite if you wish to come.  

Dr Bob Gill is still seeking finding for the making of this film – if you feel you would like to contribute please visit his GoFundMe page.

NHS Hustings


We also intend to set up NHS hustings in towns around East Sussex.  The first of these to be arranged is for Wealden.  This will take place on 30th Nov from 6.30pm- 8.30pm at the James West Community Centre, Brunel Drive, Hailsham BN27 3UB. 

If you wish to attend please arrive in plenty of time so we can get started promptly.  If you wish to ask a question at this event then please submit your question to us by the morning of the 29th Nov. The Centre has full disabled access.  Contact:



The NHS hustings for Eastbourne has now been arranged for the 9th December.  It will take place at Seaside Community Hub, 125 Seaside, Eastbourne, BN22 7NN from 18.30 pm to 20.30 pm. 

If you wish to attend please arrive in plenty of time so we can get started promptly.  If you wish to ask a question at this event then please submit your question to us by the morning of the 8th Dec.  The Centre has full disabled access.  Contact:



The NHS hustings for Bexhill and Battle  has now been arranged for the 5th December.  It will take place at St Martha’s Church Hall on Cooden Sead Rd, Bexhill TN39 4SL from 18.30pm to 20.30pm.

If you wish to attend please arrive in plenty of time so we can get started promptly.  If you wish to ask a question at this event then please submit your question to us by the morning of the 4th Dec.  The Church Hall has full disabled access.   Contact:


Please Note – The Film screening of Sicko is now cancelled

Film screening – Sicko

Kino-Teatr, 43-49 Norman Road, St Leonards-on-sea TN38 0EQ

November 2nd 10.30am

East Sussex Co-operative Party are hosting the screening of Michael Moore’s 2007 film Sicko at the Kino-Teatr on the 2nd November.

The film is, unfortunately, now very relevant to us as we head rapidly towards a US style healthcare system.  It compares the US system with other healthcare systems around the world including our own NHS.  


It was made at a time when the US healthcare system was ranked 37 out of 191 systems examined by the World Health Organisation.  At the time certain measures, such as infant mortality and life expectancy in the States, were equal to those of countries with much less economic wealth.  The film compares the US system with other healthcare systems around the world including our NHS. and includes interviews with people who thought they had coverage but were denied care when they needed it.

This is a powrful portrayal of what awaits us as a country if we fail to act now and prevent this Government from pushing our NHS furher and further towards a US-style system.

Tickets are free but limited, if you wish to go along please register for a ticket on Eventbrite.


Film screening – Under the Knife

Martello Suite, the View Hotel, Grand Parade, Eastbourne BN21 4DN

October 15th – 6.45pm for a 7pm start

We have been offered the chance to have a film screening of a documentary on how the NHS has evolved over the years to the crisis point we are witnessing today.

The film Under the Knife by Tarquin Ramsay and Pamela Kleinot charts the history of the NHS from the socialised medicine of 1948 to the system we have today that is so close to being just another private healthcare system.

I hope it will answer the question about how our politicians have got away with destroying something that is ultimately so vital for all our lives.

The View Hotel has full disabled access, please do arrive on time so we can get started promptly.  There will be time for questions and answers after the film and we hope to be announcing one or two speakers soon who will join us for the evening.

Read more about this film on the Eventbrite page.  Tickets are free but please do register to attend in order to avoid disappointment.




Monthly plannining meetings

Brodie Hall, next to Christchurch with St Phillip, Seaside, Eastbourne BN22 7NN  7-9pm

We now have the use of Brodie Hall in Eastbourne for a monthly planning meeting on the 4th Wednesday of every month.  These meetings will be an important and essential aspect of this campaign as they will give us an opportunity to share ideas and information and co-ordinate our efforts for maximum effect.

Everybody will be welcome to these meetings, so please feel free to just turn-up if you want to find out more.  Nobody will be expected to commit to doing anything more than they feel able to.

I hope through these meetings this campaign will grow and become effective at protecting local services.

We are an East Sussex campaign and so I hope in time to find other venues outside of Eastbourne for similar meetings.  But at the moment are finances are very limited. 

Brodie Hall is a good start so please try and get along to our first meeting on September 25th.

Mental Health Crisis Summit

Royal Free London – Saturday 28th September 10am-5pm

It would be hard to have missed the fact that mental health services are in a crisis.  In particular, the services offered to our children and teenagers are hopelessly inadequate.   It is necessary now, that as a NHS campaign we focus our attention on psychiatric services in particular.  Locally we have lost around 1/3 of all our psychiatric inpatient beds and teachers are talking about how mental health problems are now very common in schoolchildren. But, they are also talking about how they are being left to try and manage this with little help from services.

If you are interested in attending this conference here are the details on the Health Campaigns Together website.

Adam Kay – This is Going to Hurt

Devonshire Park Theatre October 11th


We all need a bit of light relief, and its fantastic when you can combine it with your normal campaigning activity!  Many of you wil have read or at least heard of the Adam Kay book This is Going to Hurt.  It is a brilliant account of the outrageous pressures and demands that we place on our junior doctors and was an eye opener for me. 

Adam Kay became a junior doctor in 2004 and quit the profession before he reached consultant level.  He wrote the book when he saw how Jeremy Hunt was treating junior doctors, as he wanted the public to know more about the demands they are under.

He is now a comedian, and his book is very funny as well as shocking.  But, he also does a theatre show and in October it will be coming to the Devonshire Park Theatre in Eastbourne.

If you feel you would like to join with fellow campaigners and go as a group to see this show then it is on October 11th at 8pm.  If you feel you would like to come, the cost of the tickets are £26.  If you make a donation to the campaign using the donate button on the website and then email me ( to say how many tickets you have paid for I will make a group booking on the 9th September.

Review of the film Groundswell

The screening of the film Groundswell attracted around thirty people.  The questions and answers session was lively and clearly  demonstrated the passion with which the Eastbourne public care about their NHS.  I would like to thank all who came along on that day, especially those of you who assisted me in setting up and those who spoke at the event.  Carol Mills has written this review of the film for anyone who was unable to get along to see it.

Gary Palmer from the GMB taks about possible job losses at East Sussex Hospitals



By Carol Mills

This shoe string documentary by independent film maker John Furse charts a group of grassroots campaigners from Darlington who set out to oppose the privatisation of the NHS with the forming of the ‘999 Call For the NHS’ Campaign.

It is a David and Goliath story. “The film follows the campaigners’ increasingly urgent efforts to alert the public to the threats from plans to reconstruct the NHS on private sector business lines involving major international corporations” -JF. It also documents the 999ers committed support to the vital NHS Reinstatement Bill that would restore the NHS as a publicly owned and publicly run service.

The story follows the group from its inception in early 2014; through to their 300-mile Jarrow to London People’s March For The NHS in September 2014. It maps out their struggles and hopes along the way ending with their lobbying success at the Labour Party Conference 2017 when their campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill was unanimously adopted by party delegates.

The Campaign began when Darlington working mum Joanna Adams started sending out tweets from her living room. And along with other main protagonists Steve Carne, Deborah Harrington and Jo Land and fellow Save Our NHS campaigners, the Campaign grew from there. When told “I don’t think you realise how much you do” Joanna responded “I do, but I don’t know how to stop, when we have saved the NHS I will stop”.

“Groundswell covers a tipping point in Britain’s political landscape as the ‘new’ politics’ confronts the ‘old’ in the wake of the 2008 global banking crisis” – JF. The film documents the “journey that took political innocents into the darker recesses of British democracy as they were confronted by the machinations of the ‘old’ party politics which they defied”- JF.

The struggles campaigners have had with the one group who they should be able to rely on for support, the Labour Party, are clearly alarming. The ‘New Labour’ devotion to private sector interests in the NHS are sadly still there. Worryingly, the film shows Joanna even receiving a poison pen letter from somebody in Labour desperate to halt her efforts to fight for the NHS.

Covering two General Elections, the film reveals the anger and disillusionment at the time of the 2015 election when Labour suffered the historic loss that handed the running of the country of to the Tories in majority. Then with the shock Corbyn Leadership win (and re-win in 2017) things started to look more hopeful.

The NHS Reinstatement Bill had always received the support of a few Labour politicians, including Jeremy Corbyn. But it was not until 2017, when delegates voted unanimously in favour of the party backing the Bill at Conference that it became policy.

The victory lay with the campaigners. The people who had taken on the UKs political machine with dedication and effort that is beyond admirable.

As well as the 999 Campaign, the film features other NHS campaigners such as Dr Bob Gill; Dr Chris Day – NHS whistle-blower, Dr Youssef El-Gingihy; Dr Tony O’Sullivan, Keep Our Nation Health Public (KONP) and more; along with politicians such Caroline Lucas from Green Party.

Seriously. This is a must watch film for many reasons not least of which being that it convincingly outlines the vital importance of the wider movement in bringing about political and social change.

The Tories are pursuing their radical plans to snatch the NHS from being a publicly funded and run service in order to turn it over to a US style privatisation model of ownership. The public have been hoodwinked into not seeing what is before them by the smoke screen mantra of “free at the point of delivery”.

We are being deliberately befuddled by a whole string of baffling Tory NHS ‘News Speak’ Sustainability and Transformation Plans; Accountable Care Organisations; Integrated Care Providers. All fluffy and innocuous sounding but a deadly thorn by any other name.

“Will the British public rise up against the destruction of this epitome of the Post-War Dream?” – JF. Can we get the message out to the public fast enough i.e. that if we don’t act now it may be too late? Are there enough determined folk like the 999ers resolutely fighting  for Our NHS?

The 999 group continues its campaigning today with the Justice4NHS legal action appeal against the NHS Accountable Care Organisation contract (since renamed by NHS England ”Integrated Care Provider”). Please consider donating to help them. For details:-

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the film. It is now available to view via:-

Please support your local campaign. If you live in East Sussex, the East Sussex Save the NHS Website:- and their Facebook Group:- You can also follow them on Twitter @ESussexNHS.

For the Sussex Defend the NHS Website:- and their Facebook Page:-

Please consider holding a film showing of Groundswell. John Furse can be contacted via email:-

Or via his website-:

Or for more information on Groundswell see:-



On the 20th Jan 2019 we will be showing the film Groundswell: The Grassroots battle for the NHS to which all are invited.  The film will be shown at the Crown and Anchor on Marine Parade in Eastbourne  from 2pm onwards.  John Furse, who made the film, will be at the event so we can have a short time for questions and answers after the film.

To assist in organising this film please register on Eventbrite if you wish to attend

Follow this link to get your Eventbrite tickets

Watch the trailer for this film here