We now have a YouTube Channel where we will be publishing videos from events we have either held ourselves or attended.  One of the most important things we feel we need to do is to raise awareness of what is happening to our NHS and why.  Sharing information is vital and we also need others to share information with us.

We all have a different preference for how we like information to be presented to us but video is often something that people will engage with more than a written piece.  So please do, if you like our videos share them with your own contacts.

Currently under the lockdown it has been frustratingly difficult for us to do any campaigning and yet we are in a situation where there are many reasons why campaigning on the NHS is needed now more than ever.

But this lockdown has given many of us more time which has often been used on the creative arts.  So frustrated by the difficulty in finding ways to campaign I chose to have a go at writing some poems for the NHS.  It as something I had often thought I would like to do.   So here they are – as our first additions to the YouTube Channel, I hope you find them at least thought provoking.

This first poem I tried reading out in our street last Thursday evening when neighbours were all clapping for the NHS.  I wanted to stress how important it is that we all recognise that our NHS workers need much more than our applause.

The next poem was written because I had started to read on social networks healthcare workers saying that they were very worried about being called heroes.  They feel it implies they are willing to die for the cause.  This could not be further from the truth.  They are terrified this could kill them and angry that this could kill them and we all need to recognise that.

It has long been a source of frustration for me that in our society the things that we value are so often not the things that are deserving of such value.  We hold admiration for the wrong people, aspire to have the things that will cause harm to others and harm to our planet.  But the way in which we are now relying on the essential workers, many of whom are not people we generally value, has highighted this issue even further for me.  It is an absolute disgrace that now over 3m essential workers are paid less than a living wage.  So here is a poem about British values.

In recent years I have also started to realise how many false ideas about various issues are widely held by people in our society.  For example, as I have started to find out more about the Israeli – Palestinian conflict and in particular the role of our country in this I have endlessly asked myself why I wasn’t taught about thiis in school.  Our history books, films, fiction books, TV Channels and every other bit of media seems to be shaped in a way that will keep us feeling our country is great.  So this was what I was thinking of when I wrote this poem caled the British Lie.

The day when I was getting all these videos on YouTube was VE day.  With all the talk about how Britain was on a war-footing now, it made me feel that I needed to have poems that talked about the comparison between how many of us are behaving now and how Britain behaved during and after the second world war.  It was also the day when we heard that Boris Johnson was talking about lifting lockdown restrictions.

Please remember that many of the people who lived through the second world war are now dying in care homes because we won’t supply the  care workers with adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to prevent them passing it round all the residents of particular homes.  We cannot pretend we are showing repect to those who fought in the war unless we also campaign for care staff  to have adequate PPE.

Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and get in touch if you fee you have could produce any poems, or music for our NHS that we could share here!